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Motorcycle Helmets

While I don't believe a helmet is going to save your life for sure. I still wear one.
I also know that as fast as I ride on my GSX-R, there's nothing I can wear that
will save me.

It's not the high speed crashes I'm afraid of. Let's be honest, we would probably
die on impact of something at high speeds, so that takes a helmet right out of the equation.

I just don't want my life forever changed by a low speed accident, where I wasn't wearing my
helmet and should have been. I don't want to rely on other people to remember what my name
is or anything like that.

I know helmets provide a false sense of security. Please, I'm asking you as a fellow rider and a human being;
if you have a family and or someone who depends on you being you, then wear a helmet.

Be good to yourselves and others. Ride safe and Hard!!!

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